Hey, it’s great that President Joe Biden has finally stopped testing positive for COVID again. That’s good news. We can’t stand the guy, but we want him to be healthy.

We also want him to continue to behave as if he might still be contagious. That means keeping his distance from people, and not doing stuff like this:

Is someone gonna swap out that microphone for a clean one when he leaves? We sincerely hope so.

Yeah it was. We could almost feel the spittle and phlegm from here.

Not even the bravest person in the world should shake that hand — even without it being coughed on.

Can you blame him? We’d do the same thing! We can only imagine what was going through that guy’s mind: “What the hell, Joe? That’s effing disgusting! Get outta here!”

Would that make you feel better?

He may very well have hacked up his brain, too:

Someone please put Joe to bed. Just be sure to put on a hazmat suit first.



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