President Biden has tested positive for Covid again today, so he was by himself while delivering remarks about the latest jobs report. Biden’s remarks started off with more of the gaslighting we’re used to:

They’re still hoping people don’t get the difference between jobs created and jobs restored.

Later on Biden talked about the ironically named Inflation Reduction Act that could soon pass the Senate. Try and make any sense whatsoever out of what Biden says the bill would do for American families currently struggling to pay for gas and groceries due to inflation:

The people who write Biden’s remarks really think you’re stupid.

Makes total sense, right? Nope, not at all.

That probably seems logical and affordable… if you’re a career politician.

Biden also like to use words like “investments.”

Politicians always hope that people don’t know what “investing” means. Maybe the Biden administration will change the definition of the word like they did with “recession.”



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