As you know, President Biden has tested positive for Covid-19 and is isolated from people in the White House, not counting the WH videographer.

Today White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, along with the WH Covid response director, answered questions from reporters. Along the way KJP went out of her way to highlight Biden’s superhuman abilities:

Also, apparently the protocols have kept Biden from getting infected:

Well, clearly they have (cue eye roll).

Where exactly did Biden contract the virus? That apparently doesn’t matter:

“We knew this was going to happen”:

All we’ve heard for over two years is “contact tracking” but that’s no longer a thing anymore?

The “presidential superspreader” panic was reserved for when Trump was in office.

When Trump was president and contracted Covid contract tracing sure was of the utmost importance:

KJP said it doesn’t matter where Biden caught it, and that’ll be good enough for most of the media.

We’re hardly surprised.



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