Today President Biden left the White House to head for Massachusetts where he will deliver a speech on unilateral steps the White House will take ostensibly to save the planet from a fiery demise caused by the burning of fossil fuels.

The trip itself will burn a lot of fossil fuel:

Can you feel Biden contributing to the reduction of emissions?

We’re also guessing Air Force One isn’t solar-powered either, because it went all the way to Saudi Arabia and back recently.

Biden’s going to deliver an “ultimatum on climate change,” according to the Washington Post:

After the speech Biden is not expected to get back to the White House via bicycle.

And with the midterm elections coming up in November, what’s even more amazing is that “saving the planet” from climate change is the top focus of this administration while, when it comes to everyday Americans, it’s not even close to the top of the list of concerns:

The “priorities” inside the bubble vary greatly from those outside the bubble.

So, with inflation, high gas prices, the mess at the border (which has spilled over into other parts of the country) and even a continuing baby formula shortage, why is the Biden White House screaming about climate change? Perhaps because it’s the only way they have left to attempt a distraction from an approval rating that continues to crater:


Remember, that’s NPR, so imagine how bad the actual number really is. However, polls like that make it clear that the Biden White House thinks the only way to turn it around is if they can convince enough people that Biden “saved the planet” via executive orders. Good luck with that!



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