President Biden traveled (not via bicycle) to Massachusetts today to announce planned executive actions ostensibly designed to take action against climate change. If Trump were still in office Biden and the media would call this tone authoritarian, but instead this administration is saying there’s an “emergency” that Congress isn’t addressing so they have to do it:

Somebody tell Joe that he’s not getting enough Democrat votes either!

We’re a bit surprised the White House didn’t have Biden deliver the speech in the Nevada desert while telling everybody that’s what it looks like just outside Scranton now because of climate change.

But if you weren’t already convinced that a few trillion more dollars should be spent and Biden should be able to do it without congressional approval, allow the president to use a personal story to explain how oil caused (and causes) cancer:

Wait, what?

Even though he used the word “have,” Biden might have been referencing the removal of non-melanoma skin cancers that a White House doctor’s report last year blamed on too much time in the sun in earlier years:

Now apparently Biden’s blaming non-melanoma skin cancers on Big Oil and climate change. Anything for a narrative!

Does the media ever do any honest examinations of how not green the “green” movement can end up being?



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