During today’s press conference, Biden press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and her Big Book of Talking Points had another doozy of a day. First off, Jean-Pierre was asked about protests at Supreme Court justices’ private residences and protesters harassing them in restaurants, and she said “this is what a democracy is.” We’re just guessing that if right-wing protesters chased liberal SCOTUS justices out of restaurants, that certainly would not be “what a democracy is.”

But Jean-Pierre wasn’t finished being completely outrageous. KJP was asked about the mess at the border and Texas Governor Greg Abbott authorizing authorities in that state to return illegal immigrants to the border.

Projection detected!

Perhaps the Biden White House considers Gov. Abbott clamping down on illegal crossings because it’s causing “chaos” for this administration’s desired outcome, which is an open border.

And she’s reading from notes — the awful and insulting answers are the prepared versions!



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