It seems that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was recently dining at a Morton’s The Steakhouse in D.C. when a group of angry protesters who had received word that he was there showed up outside the restaurant.

We would agree with that statement. And had it been, say, Justice Sonia Sotomayor instead of Brett Kavanaugh, we’d say the same thing. Because basic decorum and decency shouldn’t be political.

But for what it’s worth, HuffPost senior editor Andy Campbell — who, according to his Twitter bio, covers extremism, disinformation, platforms — thinks that Justice Kavanaugh is just a big whiny baby who’s too delicate and smug to answer for his sins:

(Note: When Andy mentions “fascist street gangs,” he’s referring to the Proud Boys, on whom he fancies himself an expert and has even written a book. “Regular old protesters” likely refers to the mostly peaceful protesters who do harmless things like loot stores and set things on fire and threaten Supreme Court Justices.)

Your sarcasm is noted, Andy, but not appreciated. Or, rather, it’s not appreciated by people whose minds haven’t been completely warped by politics. Plenty of garbage jerks are digging Andy’s tweets:

Clever, Bruno!

That’s the thing: What liberals like Andy Campbell are effectively saying is that their perceived political enemies deserve to be harassed, are begging to be harassed. Brett Kavanaugh is a conservative Supreme Court Justice and therefore should never know another moment of peace for as long as he lives. And if someone should, say, try to assassinate him, well, that just comes with the territory of being a conservative Supreme Court Justice.