The Biden White House, DNC and other Dem-affiliated organizations keep talking about the economic utopia that’s been brought about ever since Donald Trump left office. What’s happened in the real world, however, begs to differ.

The Daily Mail has nicely summed up the gaslighting this administration peddles vs. what’s actually happening:

Well, that’s certainly one kind of “BOOM.” As in “boom” goes the US economy.

The White House defended President Joe Biden’s economic record on Monday as the nation experienced historic inflation, gas prices over $5 a galloon and the stock market dropping.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre argued President Biden actually made historic economic gains, which would help the American people go through these economic ‘challenges.’

She blamed inflation – prices in May were 8.6% higher than a year earlier – the greatest increase since 1981 – on the covid pandemic and on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war in the Ukraine.

On top of all this, we can factor in the baby formula crisis and much more.

Shellacked! Yeah, that’s probably the looming fate of the Dems in November.

The line between satire and reality has been permanently blurred thanks to the last few years.



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