At Monday’s White House press briefing, RealClearNews reporter Philip Wegman filled in press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on a rash of attacks on pregnancy crisis centers across the country. Did this, along with the assassination attempt on Justice Brett Kavanaugh, motivate President Joe Biden to do anything to cool things down? After all, he is the unity president.

Jean-Pierre acknowledged that the Department of Justice was looking into the firebombings and said “we have seen an uptick of that type of arson.” As for the assassination attempt on Kavanaugh? “We have condemned” it, she answered.

We have a follow-up question about Kavanaugh.

The media did their best to keep quiet about it, tucking it away at the bottom of their front pages if mentioning it at all.

Just as the White House had condemned the protests at the justice’s homes.

We don’t recall anyone from the administration saying anything about it; the only person we recall hearing from was, surprisingly, Sen. Jon Ossoff. Guess it’s no big deal since it was Kavanaugh.