This evening President Biden is going to deliver an address on “gun violence” shortly before heading to his Delaware beach house for a long weekend. No doubt the president’s address will be a unifying one in an attempt to get everyone to agree on measures that can be taken to stop future mass shootings. Just kidding — Biden will almost certainly blame the NRA and indicate that Republicans who don’t support Democrat gun control (oops, that’s “gun safety”) measures are no better than the psychos who pull the triggers during mass shootings.

Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked Biden press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about all the shootings that happen on a regular basis in Chicago (will Biden even mention that tonight?) and a familiar sight ensued: Jean-Pierre immediately went to the prepared talking points and never really answered the question:

“More laws in a city where there are already numerous laws” will surely do the trick!

Biden and the Democrats refuse to address any aspect to these problems that don’t involve basically blaming the guns.

It’s simply amazing that the Democrat kneejerk reaction to address people who don’t obey laws is to pass more laws for them to ignore, all while in many cases supporting leniency for violent criminals who should be behind bars.

Psaki sure knew exactly when to bail out of the Biden White House and head to MSNBC.



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