As we told you yesterday, former Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook testified under oath that the Dems’ 2016 nominee personally approved the dissemination of Trump-Russia bank allegations to the media:

Mook said the campaign was not totally confident in the legitimacy of the data, but had hoped to give the information to a reporter who could further “run it down” to determine if it was “accurate” or “substantive.”

He also said he discussed whether to give the information to a reporter with senior campaign officials, including campaign chairman John Podesta, senior policy advisor, now White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, and communications director Jennifer Palmieri.

“I discussed it with Hillary as well,” Mook said.

“I don’t remember the substance of the conversation, but notionally, the discussion was, hey, we have this and we want to share it with a reporter,” Mook said.

The government asked Mook if Clinton approved “the dissemination” of the data to the media.

“She agreed,” Mook testified.

And of course ahead of the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton herself got plenty of mileage out of this false narrative. As it turns out, this was all the kind of “disinformation” Clinton and the Democrats accuse Republicans of pushing.

Mook’s testimony is big news, right? Well, not for all media outlets. Margot Cleveland spotted ABC News having different reporting priorities:

That tweet prompted a question from Elon Musk:

As rhetorical as that question may be, it’s clear much of the media will rush to bury this story as fast as they possibly can.

The media did their job as they saw it at the time, which was to bury the truth and promote falsehoods to help Hillary Clinton win the election. Even with all that rigging of the game, she still lost.



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