A new Washington Post/ABC News poll has revealed that most people don’t think that President Biden and the Democrats have delivered the promised utopia. However, according to that same poll, Biden’s approval has ticked up slightly:

Via Axios:

President Biden’s job approval rating has improved slightly over the past two months, a new Washington Post-ABC News poll indicates, though he and Democrats still face challenges ahead of the midterms.

By the numbers: Biden’s approval rating stands at 42% per the poll, five points up from February’s version of the same poll. His disapproval rating decreased since February by three points to 52%.

Remember this is the Washington Post and ABC News so take that for what it’s worth. However, White House chief of staff Ron Klain thought it was good enough news for a retweet:


Any port in a storm! Though the Biden White House might not want to brag too loudly about numbers like these:

“Dumpster fire still raging, but not quite as bad as before” is considered good news in the White House. We’ll see where those numbers head after everybody sees video of Biden being cracked up by Trevor Noah’s jokes about inflation and gas prices going up.



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