Polling from Washington Post/ABC suggests President Joe Biden and his progressive entourage still have a long way to go in their quest for building anything back better.

How dare WaPo report the continuously disappointing pulse of public opinion. Shouldn’t those who control the news make efforts to twist and turn reality into something more positive? What is with the sharing of the truth?!? One apparently loyal reader (do people seriously pay the price to pass the paywall for these?) suggests that the Washington Post just go on and rework that headline.

Calm down folks, Biden takes none of the criticism seriously. As demonstrated by Trevor Noah’s Joke at the return of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, the state of our nation an the present concerns of our citizens is a laughing matter.

But really, us commoners hardly even noticed. We’re just glad they could gather in maskless peace to gayly celebrate our plight.

Back to those polling results. Perhaps the survey shows simply the media has failed to properly feed the public the correct responses. People just aren’t fully grasping how awesome it is to live through a period of extreme inflation.

There’s an expectation of the media to get this handled. If they can’t sway public opinion, we’ll just have to install a Ministry of Truth, or something.  Clearly, our livelihood is nothing in comparison to mean tweets.

That’s alleged and thus far unproven racism, kumquat. We don’t have to rehash that now, honestly the term racism has been excessively assigned in so many scenarios that it is arguably losing its power. Bottom line, progressives better get themselves some new tactics if they plan on keeping the Utopian vision alive through midterms.

Not that we’re wishing them luck. While Utopia may not materialize in time to put the GOP out of the running, there is plenty of time left for a perilous plot from the Left. They did manage to put a vegetable into office right before our weary eyes, after all.

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