From the “who could have possibly predicted this” department we have this bit of government school news from the Associated Press:

And of course the people “hardest hit” by all this will be the very people the Democrats always claim to be fighting for:

Public school systems are beginning to feel the pinch from enrollment losses tied to the coronavirus pandemic.

Money for schools is driven partly by student headcounts, and emergency provisions in many states allowed schools to maintain funding at pre-pandemic levels. But like the billions of dollars of federal relief money that have helped schools weather the crisis, those measures were not meant to last forever.
Families opting for homeschooling, private schools and other options sent enrollment down sharply in the first full school year of the pandemic, and generally it has been slow to recover.

Take a bow, teachers’ unions and Dems!

Democrats and teachers’ unions would love to make it impossible to have a way to flee the disasters they create.

And yet they’ll try to blame Republicans (as always).

Government-run schools is the right way to look at it.

Yep! Keep it up, Dems, you’re doing great.



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