Yesterday Republican Rep. Chip Roy went nuclear on Dept. of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Roy had seen and heard enough of Mayorkas’ gaslighting and went after the DHS chief mercilessly until Rep. Jerrold Nadler stepped in to stop the pummeling.

The previous day Mayorkas claimed that President Biden has “effectively managed” the situation at the border, but if that’s true it means the chaos is happening on purpose.

Here’s another worthy clip to put into the mix because it shows just how incredibly dangerous Biden’s border policies — or lack thereof — are to the country and its citizens. When Rep. Jim Jordan questioned Mayorkas about the whereabouts of 42 people encountered crossing the border who are on the terrorist watch or no-fly lists, the DHS secretary was either clueless or didn’t want to honestly answer the question:

Hey, they’re just on a terrorist watch list… what could possibly go wrong?

At this point is there anybody left who has any confidence in any aspect of this administration’s ability to do anything other than start dumpster fires?



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