As soon as President Biden took office he signed an executive order halting oil and gas leases on federal land. Fast forward just over a year and it’s amazing what effect a looming midterm disaster for the Democrats can have on an administration’s policy:

Just last month Jen Psaki was asked about resuming oil and gas leases on federal land and defended Biden’s decision, saying it wouldn’t have any effect on prices at the pump:

Wow, the “economics” of it all sure changed a lot in one month:

When Psaki says “let me give you the facts” you can be sure that what follows will be anything but. Perhaps Doocy could ask Psaki about this next week. She already obviously has a low opinion of him so what the heck!

Reality keeps getting in the way of the magical utopia this administration would like to create.

What Psaki meant last month was that restarting oil and gas leases on federal land wouldn’t make any difference — unless Biden’s approval is headed to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, in which case it will make a difference.

She’ll fit right in!



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