As we’ve already reported, the White House remains committed to the story that the inflation we’ve been seeing increase for over a year now is due to “Putin’s price hike.” It’s funny — before the Biden administration decided to sanction Russian energy, the White House was telling us that barely any of our oil came from Russia, so it wasn’t like we were funding Putin’s invasion of Ukraine by continuing to buy Russian oil. Within a week, though, President Joe Biden broke down and enacted sanctions on Russian oil and warned us of the upcoming “Putin price hike” on gas prices.

Biden is in Iowa today to talk about ethanol and his plan to reduce gas prices, and surprisingly, he addressed last month’s inflation numbers, which at an 8.5 percent increase over the previous year makes it the highest inflation in 40 years. Biden attributed 70 percent of the increase in prices to “Putin’s price hike” in gasoline.

Where are the fact-checkers today?

And a war we’re not even in?

His handlers probably tell him to keep saying it, he’s doing great.

Biden assured us on February 12 that he was going to “work like the devil” to get gas prices down. Russia didn’t even roll into Ukraine until February 24, so even then the “Putin’s price hike” excuse didn’t fly.



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