Remember the “we saved you 16 cents on your July 4th barbecue” brag from the Biden White House last summer? Here’s something even more insulting to your intelligence.

A Biden economic adviser was asked how this third attempt at tapping the strategic petroleum reserve would bring Americans relief at the pump when the first two tries didn’t make a dent. Disagreement with the reporter ensued, because it has saved Americans money:

Here that is one more time:

Q: The president has tapped the strategic reserve twice before, and it still hasn’t had the desired impact. Why is this time going to be different?

A: So as I said a moment ago, I would definitely challenge the claim that it hasn’t had the desired impact. We saw both in the last release and in this release the price of oil come down quite quickly. The price of oil, as I checked before I came on here, was down about seven dollars per barrel. And, uh, I know that, uh, the last time — uh, check it out, because these data are actually quite accessible. Look at what happened to the retail price of gasoline after the last release. Now, it’s a global market and there’s a lot of moving parts, but it is a fact that the price of gasoline fell about ten cents per gallon shortly after.

Wow, we should have taken a Dramamine before trying to endure that amount of spin.

Team Biden is certainly hoping that any small “savings” were incredibly brief.

Every day is April Fools’ Day at the Biden White House.



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