Several days ago, Rep. Adam Kinzinger quote-tweeted Joe Walsh, whose tweet had a quote purported to be something Tucker Carlson said:

That was too much for even Politifact to handle, and they ruled the claim that Carlson said that “false”:

On April 4, Joe Walsh, a former Republican congressman from Illinois, tweeted what some people interpreted as a direct quote from Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

[email protected] tonight: ‘What if these bodies of tortured, dead civilians were staged? What if they’re fake? What if the Ukrainian military killed them & then blamed Russia? I’m not saying any of this is true, I’m just asking the questions. Why can’t we ask these questions?’” the tweet said.

That evening, Walsh tweeted a clarification: “I tweeted this out this morning. I was predicting what @TuckerCarlson would say ‘tonight.’ Here’s what’s funny: So many people read this tweet & believed Tucker had already said it. Which is understandable becuz it’s EXACTLY the kind of thing Putin-lover Tucker would & has said.”

But obviously the Never Trump Republican congressman is in no hurry to remove that tweet:

This is where it gets *chef’s kiss*:

The Atlantic’s “disinformation” conference might have set a new record for projection. The real journalists were the students in the audience who pointed out all the hypocrisy on the stage.



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