The highlight of the University of Chicago’s “Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy” conference had been a student at that school who edits a campus publication called The Chicago Thinker. Yesterday we told you about Daniel Schmidt asking The Atlantic’s Anne Applebaum why the media either ignored or actively brushed off 2020 stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop as “Russian disinformation.” Applebaum answered that the story just wasn’t “interesting” (the lefty media certainly would have considered it “interesting” if the laptop had belonged to one of Trump’s sons). The exposure of a tremendous amount of media hackery continued when another student questioned CNN’s Brian Stelter.

What was Stelter’s reaction after CNN got called out? He brushed off the reality about CNN as being a “popular right-wing narrative”:

Stelter hosts a show called “Reliable Sources” on CNN, which is just as ironic as his appearance at an event about disinformation.


Is there any bigger of a media hack than Stelter? Maybe many are tied for first.

There were more actual journalists in the audience than there were on the stage, which means none of the people asking questions will ever get hired by CNN (and many other outlets).



At ‘Disinformation’ event, Jonah Goldberg calls it ‘preposterous’ to suggest Hunter Biden laptop story could’ve changed 2020 election outcome

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