The Dispatch’s Jonah Goldberg was a featured guest at the University of Chicago’s “Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy” conference, the same conference where the Atlantic’s Anne Applebaum claimed that the mainstream media’s (and social media’s) very deliberate efforts to ignore or outright attempt to stifle the Hunter Biden laptop story were basically justified because, after all, the story just wasn’t “interesting.”

As an ostensible conservative at the conference, Goldberg was in an excellent position to explain why Applebaum’s nonchalant dismissal of the story is problematic.

Instead, he did this:

Goldberg is correct in that it’s impossible for him to prove the negative at this point. He can’t prove that Joe Biden would not have won the 2020 election if the Hunter Biden laptop story hadn’t been buried. But that’s pretty much all that Goldberg is right about it in that clip.

It’s pretty low to outright dismiss a whole group of voters just because they care about an important story that you would’ve preferred be a nothingburger because it might’ve confirmed that Not-Trump could also be really corrupt.

Oh, for sure. After all, not like their article would affect the outcome of an election! That’d be preposterous.

But the story did disappear. Worse than that, it was buried. The New York Post was punished on social media. Anyone who shared the story was punished on social media. Only after the New York Times and Washington Post recently acknowledged that the story was legit did it become OK to discuss publicly. Only after the 2020 election was well over and done with.

We don’t know if having the Hunter Biden laptop story out there for everyone to see freely would’ve swung the election against Joe Biden … but we don’t know for sure if it wouldn’t have, either.


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