President Biden delivered some remarks today and then took a few questions, and the alternate reality was big with this presser.

Katie Pavlich summed up the cavalcade of desperate spin and attempted gaslighting that took place:

Biden was asked about the comment he made at the end of his speech in Poland that Putin “cannot remain in power.” Biden simply pretended he never said those words:

Also, Biden said “nobody believes we’re gonna take down Putin,” so you must have misunderstood him when he said Putin “cannot remain in power”:

How’s this for a flat-out denial of reality?


Biden clearly didn’t want to talk about what he meant by “significant response” if Putin were to use chemical weapons:

When it comes to inflation, just go ahead and turn off your BS detector because if you don’t it’ll explode because of this next claim:

That weird “lean in and whisper” thing Biden likes to do was also featured:

Add it all up and… YIKES.

All is well!



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