Democrats refer to Florida’s HB 1557 — the Parental Rights in Education bill — as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, and the media has largely obliged when it comes to helping spread that talking point. However, some media outlets obviously aren’t content with simply helping spread the Dem narrative and are taking activist positions. Case-in-point: The editorial board of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, which says Gov. DeSantis is being irresponsible for not firing his press secretary, Christina Pushaw, for the apparent crime of hurting their feelings:

Wow, Dems and the media are determined to die on this particular hill

Here’s what the Sun-Sentinel is really telling us:


“Responsible news organizations” are increasingly difficult to find.

And yet they wonder why there’s such a distrust of media these days.

Pushaw sarcastically points out that the Florida media might not be all that objective:

Ah, “journalism.”



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