Yesterday Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis put out a video calling out all the media/Dem misrepresentation of the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill that doesn’t even have the word “gay” in it. What the bill would do is keep sex-ed out of kindergarten through third-grade classrooms, and yet this has turned into a big point of controversy on the Left and with certain corporate leaders. For example, Disney CEO Bob Chapek has called the bill a “challenge to basic human rights.”

This is where a certain Washington Post “conservative” comes in. Disney has suspended doing business in Russia, and Jennifer Rubin thinks that boycott needs to be extended to another evil empire:

Wow, it’s hard to believe that hasn’t yet received the coveted Ron Klain retweet yet, but the day is young.

Imagine being delusional enough to believe Florida is in the same category as Russia.

Is there any doubt that Rubin believes Florida to be far more “authoritarian” than China?

She serves up nothing but the hottest takes!

And the day isn’t even close to being over yet.



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