The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin is arguing in her new column that “President Biden just had one of his better weeks.”

For real.

This is a thing she just wrote.


Maybe she was asleep this week?

From her op-ed:

President Biden just had one of his better weeks. He delivered a well-received State of the Union address. His stewardship of the unified democratic alliance has exceeded expectations, while heroic Ukrainians have set off an unexpected outpouring of public excitement and admiration. By week’s end at least one poll showed a substantial lift in Biden’s approval rating, although it might well be an outlier.

It’s really like she *is* working for the White House but inside the Washington Post:

And remind us again how Joe Biden did at preventing Russia from invading Ukraine?

Even worse? She thinks what’s happening in Ukraine will be a POSITIVE for the president.

“Just as he suffered from the dispiriting scenes of the Afghanistan exit, Biden will benefit from the emotional lift Ukraine has given us, especially if he stands firm as the Free World’s resolute leader”:

Maybe she means Ron DeSantis?



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