Just the fact that the media just accepted at its face that the name of the bill in Florida was the “Don’t Say Gay” bill is proof enough that none of them understand it. As we just reported, Disney CEO Bob Chapek apologized to employees for not opposing it sooner, calling it another “challenge to basic human rights.” How is keeping sex-ed out of kindergarten through third grade a challenge to basic human rights? No matter how many times Gov. Ron DeSantis emphasizes that, opponents of the bill picture adolescents with no one to talk to at school about their budding transgenderism.

We used to say of Donald Trump, “He fights.” And DeSantis fights. He fought back Friday with this video calling out the fake news:

Then, just like CRT, there’s no issue with banning it, right? But we’ve been assured it’s “hateful” from Jen Psaki herself.


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