The other day Maye Musk, mother of Elon, took Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to the woodshed of reality after having heard enough of their criticism. But for now Sen. Sanders has moved on somewhat and has set his sights on the “superyacht” class who have so much more than others while so many are living paycheck to paycheck:

There’s no self-unawareness like Bernie Sanders’ self-unawareness…

All aboard the SS Hypocrite!

Socialists such as Sanders who always slam the rich and their mansions & yachts never take into account the fact the jobs that are created in the process. But at least pointing the “you’re too rich” finger helps create a distraction:

Depending on who you ask, Sanders could be considered to be among the wealthy class that he’s always condemning.

Sanders stopped including himself in the mix quite a while ago.

And yet how many actually do?

Sanders is just another leftist politician who believes that everything you have belongs to them and whatever you get to keep is only by their good graces.



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