On Monday a tweet from Rep. Ted Lieu of California about why Covid restrictions should be lifted spoke volumes about how the Democrats are now trying to pretend they were down with the “science” the entire time.

The gaslighting continues with Lieu’s high praise for how California Gov. Gavin Newsom is “leading the nation.” This one comes with a beverage warning:

The alternate realities that are being presented in the last few days are nothing short of amazing.

The more Democrats like Newsom (and Lieu) do this, the more it becomes clear it was about politics the entire time.

Lieu’s going for the gold in the Gaslighting Olympics with that one. Naturally Gov. Newsom gave Lieu’s tweet a like.

Internal Dem polling on this issue must be horrendous.

If Newsom is “leading the way” in returning to normal, it’s only because he once again got busted being a hypocrite:


What a “leader”! Everybody should celebrate with a maskless party at French Laundry.