Earlier this week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s statement about the Freedom Convoy protesting vaccine mandates had it all. Trudeau threw as many “isms” and “phobics” at the wall as he could to see how many would stick:

Trudeau had previously said he supports protests that don’t use hateful rhetoric or direct violence towards citizens, such as BLM (no, seriously).

The Washington Post is doing its part to help Trudeau keep the “violent, hateful protesters” narrative going with this offering:

The protest has been effective, which of course to Trudeau, the Left and many in media constitutes “increasingly dangerous.”

That certainly appears to be the case!

Gaslighting is all they have left at this point.

That obviously is only supposed to apply to left-wing protests.

Back then it was “fiery but mostly peaceful.”



Andy Ngo has the ‘thread of the year’ showing GoFundMe doesn’t seem to take issue with fundraising for leftist ‘occupations’

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