Yesterday White House press secretary Jen Psaki made the media rounds and also took to Twitter in an attempt to clean up what President Biden said in his press conference Wednesday. Biden made it pretty clear that if Democrats suffer big losses in the November midterms they’ll blame “voter suppression” because their bill was blocked in the Senate, and Psaki then had to spin that:

And then, some 24 hours later, something changed. Psaki was on “The View” and a return to what Biden said was obvious:

Psaki got a big nudge from “The View” co-host and CNN contributor Ana Navarro.

Psaki knew she had to play to the audience, but everybody knows that all the Left’s “voter suppression” BS has everything to do with post-election spin after the Democrats get shellacked in November.

Only if a Republican does it, obviously.

Psaki has also suggested that those frustrated with the “voting rights” bill being blocked should take a kickboxing class and/or have a margarita. Maybe “The View” could turn that into a special therapeutic episode for their hosts.



Jake Tapper didn’t let Jen Psaki spin Biden’s way out of what he said about possibility of illegitimate midterm elections

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