President Biden’s address today in Connecticut had the obligatory awkward moments, but money was also a subject that was discussed. First, Biden again tried to convince everybody that a $3.5 trillion bill costs “zero.” The other money issue arose when Biden regaled the audience with a certain career politicians’ rags-to-riches story:

Here’s the full quote:

“Look, I don’t think you shouldn’t be able to make a million or a billion dollars. I’m a capitalist, but guess what, I’m also listed for 36 years as the poorest man in Congress. But I make big money now as president. But all kidding aside, I don’t think we should punish anybody.”

Please. All Biden does is talk about ways to punish people for one reason or another. And even though Biden said he was joking, is it really the time to discuss his “big money”?

The Big Guy couldn’t help himself.



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