Earlier today, President Joe Biden didn’t have time to answer any questions about inflation or supply chain issues. He had somewhere much more important to be.

Well, he made it to his destination … though we’re not entirely convinced that he knows where he is. He doesn’t seem to know where his wife is, anyway:

Does … does Joe Biden need Jill right now? Can he not give his remarks without her?

Also, is it really a great look for him to broadcast that he appears to have misplaced the First Lady?

Is there someone else who can tell him, maybe?

Oh yeah. That happened, too:

Were you joking, Joe?

Well, there certainly are childlike qualities to Joe Biden.

We do not mean that in an endearing way, however.

We’d sure love it if someone in the press would ask him. Alas:

Check it out:


We’d ask Jill Biden, but we don’t know where she is right now.