As you know, there’s what’s being called a “supply chain crisis” that consists of logjammed ports, trucking and rail. That all got “#EmptyShelvesJoe” trending on Twitter on Thursday.

President Biden spoke about it earlier this week, and people noticed that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg wasn’t there. However, Politico has explained Buttigieg’s whereabouts during these mounting crises:

Well, it’s not as if there was anything else going on.

Well, Biden’s been largely absent for nine months, save any occasional remarks to scold Americans, so maybe it’s to be expected from this administration.

Who’s in charge? That’s increasingly unclear.

However, in fairness to Pete…

Maybe if there’s an emergency of some sort Buttigieg will cut it short.

Chaos and disaster equate to success according to this administration. Jen Psaki explained why on Thursday.



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