Before 4 p.m. Eastern U.S. time on Monday, the last U.S. plane carrying service members and others took off from the Kabul airport and left the country. At that point, the Taliban almost immediately entered the side of the airport formerly controlled by the U.S., all while wearing American fatigues and carrying other U.S. equipment left behind:

So it’s come to this?

Unbelievable. President Biden’s scheduled to speak about the Afghanistan withdrawal Tuesday so perhaps a journalist or two could ask him about this — if his handlers allow him to take questions (from pre-approved reporters no doubt).

That’s justified… it’s infuriating how this was handled. Or mishandled as it were.

The coming spin from the White House is bound to only make that emotion worse.



Jen Psaki’s spin for why Biden left the Taliban with $80 billion in vehicles, weapons & aircraft melts BS detectors