It was a week ago when Jen Psaki said she’d have to circle back to a reporter who’d asked if the deadline for getting U.S. troops out of Afghanistan was midnight on August 30 or August 31. It’s midnight in Kabul, and reports are that the last American planes have left the airport. Depending on whom you check with, you’ll either be deluged with sighs of relief that America’s longest war is finally over or outraged that there are still Americans who couldn’t get to the airport on time.

Gen. Kenneth McKenzie says that “the vast majority” of those who wanted to leave have been evacuated:

He also noted that the last five military planes to leave Afghanistan didn’t have any Americans on them:

So, how many Americans are “trapped” in Afghanistan? (Psaki will certainly call it “irresponsible” to say they’re trapped.)

President Biden just said those responsible for the suicide bombing that killed 13 U.S. service members would be hunted down and made to pay. Did that drone strike on a car bomb count as paid in full? We’re done?

We’re taking that as satire.

In any case, Biden has made it clear that his focus was on ending a 20-year war, not evacuating Americans and military equipment, so he’ll declare this a rousing victory and take a victory lap on 9/11 that we’re out of Afghanistan.