It’s clear that one of the major duties of White House chief of staff Ron Klain is to monitor Twitter and retweet any high praise for President Biden, the more “alternate universe” the better. Here are a couple of examples:

–Klain retweeted Paul Begala for calling Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan drawdown “Trumanesque.”

–A claim that a recent bad jobs report indicated that the latest spending bill wasn’t nearly big enough also earned a retweet from Klain.

Now we have MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who always seems to be auditioning to replace Jen Psaki after she leaves, getting a retweet from Klain for trying to help turn Biden’s mess into gold:

It’s just another example of the circle of talking points:

“Republican” Rep. Adam Kinzinger also earned a Klain retweet for his high praise of the airstrike that reportedly has taken out an ISIS-K planner:

Kinzinger recently said that the disastrous withdrawal from Kabul doesn’t rise to the level of something that Biden should be impeached for, which the White House certainly appreciated.