On Wednesday afternoon, President Biden delivered remarks about his ideas to stop the crime spike in many U.S. cities, but Katie Pavlich was among those who were waiting long after the scheduled start time:

LOL! And the wait time ended up lasting more than an hour. But not long after Biden’s speech eventually started, something was clear:

Yep, that was clear right off the bat.

Pavlich also noticed something missing from the president’s crime plan:

Weird, right? What a shocker.

And of course there was a shoutout in Biden’s speech to former President Obama’s jobs plan, with an assist from Richard Grenell:

Biden also wanted everybody to be skeptical of claims that Dem-run cities have the toughest gun laws but the most crime:

We’re sure the “fact-checkers” will end up on Biden’s side, in spite of reality telling a different story.

Also, Biden seemed fairly… er… tired:

Other than that, solid speech by the president! *Eye roll*



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