We told you earlier that Twitter has locked President Trump’s account for what they called “repeated and severe violations of our Civil Integrity Policy,” and they’re threatened permanent suspension. And now, after the U.S. Capitol was stormed and occupied for a couple of hours on Wednesday, CBS News is reporting that their sources say members of Trump’s Cabinet are talking about the 25th Amendment:

If you’re new to the past four years, “not news we deliver lightly” is MSM-speak for “OMG please please please be true!!”

CNN NatSec analyst Susan Hennessey thinks there must be something to it, because it’s from CBS News:

There could be something to it — you never know — but then again, maybe there’s not something to it. The CBS News Twitter account has spread “25th Amendment” buzz for quite a while, especially in the last couple years:

And of course today:

We have no idea what’s being discussed, but clearly the media have helped make many people numb to these kinds of reports over the last few years.



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