As we mentioned before, Congress was evacuated earlier when protesters breached the Capitol. Sen. Rand Paul was ready to give a speech on why he had chosen not to vote “to overturn the verdict of the states.”

With floor speeches on hold indefinitely, Paul tweeted his speech from an undisclosed location.

That’s what we wanted to hear … essential electoral reforms in every state. And to be honest, that’s what people like Sen. Ted Cruz were calling for in their objections to the certification of the election: the creation of a commission to oversee those reforms. We can’t keep going on wondering who actually won each election. (Looking at you, Stacey Abrams and Hillary Clinton, but not excusing President Trump.)

Paul’s speech is getting a mixed reaction:

That’s the thing; We’re not fans of lawsuits, but we were hoping to see evidence in court that the election wasn’t rigged.

Speaking of weak election rules, what’s the chance of getting election reform done with a Democratic president and Congress? And by election reform, we don’t mean giving the vote to illegal immigrants or felons.