Most liberals are laying the blame for the rioting at the U.S. Capitol Wednesday solely at the feet of President Trump, while others are branching out and blaming his “enablers”: essentially, anyone in or out of politics who supported him in his challenge to the 2020 election results. And then there’s MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, who blames “everyone who worked in Republican party politics the last four years.” Most of his followers think four should be 40, but we think he’s just sore about Trump appointing three Supreme Court justices and … cutting taxes?

Oh, and COVID-19. That was the Republicans’ fault, not China’s.

We’re not going to justify the rioting at the Capitol, but it sure is revealing that Hayes mentioned things like the Supreme Court and tax cuts; Democrats’ anger today is just the culmination of their anger for the last four years of not being in power. And if Republicans are mad that people like Hayes spent the entire Trump administration trying to paint the president as illegitimate, so be it.