After it was announced that Pete Buttigieg would be Joe Biden’s nominee for Transportation Secretary, the media immediately started trying to jump onto his lap. NPR reported about Buttigieg’s “personal love of transportation,” while the Washington Post went full “journalism” to report that “Pete Buttigieg is right, airports are romantic.”

But Drew Holden did a little digging and found that before they got an early jump on their four-year vacation, the media were a little tougher in scrutinizing a Trump cabinet nominee. For NPR, experience mattered a little more than it does now:

Additionally, not that they’re biased or anything, but the Washington Post took a very different tone for a Biden nominee vs. a Trump nominee after the DNC talking points had been distributed:

Democracy Dies in Darkness, but the glaring bias exists in broad daylight.

The MSM is nothing if not totally predictable.