The Washington Post fact-checkers were rested and ready after the Democrats pretty much gave them last week off by serving up very few facts to check during their convention, but they were on the job when it came time for the Republican convention. Last night’s acceptance speech from President Trump was no different, and the Post’s fact checker heard a “conspiracy theory”:

That caught the attention of Mollie Hemingway and the House Judiciary GOP, who did a fact check on the fact check:

Nobody runs cover for the Dems like a WaPo “fact-checker”:

Lately, Trump has focused on a January 2017 meeting that Obama held in the Oval Office with then FBI director James B. Comey, Vice President Joe Biden and national security adviser Susan E. Rice, among others. Rice indicated in an email that Obama was primarily concerned with whether limits should be placed on classified information that was shared with the incoming team, in particular incoming national security adviser Michael Flynn, in light of the intercepts of the calls between Flynn and the Russian ambassador.

Although presidents generally are expected not to inquire about criminal investigations, it is appropriate to have a discussion about a counterintelligence probe, as that involves national security. Somehow, without much explanation, Trump has turned this meeting into a high crime that he considers to be treason.

“Journalism” seems to be gone forever:

We don’t expect the Post’s fact-check hackery to end any time soon.



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