We told you yesterday that CBS News’ Catherine Herridge shared a declassified list of Obama administration officials who requested the unmasking of Michael Flynn. Herridge’s tweet triggered the Biden campaign’s rapid response director to such a degree that he attacked the reporter (which for some reason sparked an almost immediate media blackout):

The tweet was eventually deleted, but not before dozens of Herridge’s media colleagues came to her defense. Wait, that’s not what happened:


And Tapper did defend Herridge, but immediately pivoted to Trump and his media slams.

So it doesn’t look like Jim Acosta’s going to add an extra chapter to his “dangerous time to tell the truth in America” book, nor will most other “journalists” take note. And it doesn’t appear that CNN’s Brian Stelter has found it worth mentioning either.

And what sums up mainstream media journalism in the Trump era better than “outrageously shameful.”



Uh-oh! Looks like Joe Biden’s gonna have to punish his rapid response director for taking a page out of ‘the authoritarian playbook’ [screenshots]

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