Earlier today we told you about Brit Hume saying there’s “no getting around” Rep. Adam Schiff’s involvement with the whistleblower whose complaint the Democrats are using as the basis for a fresh impeachment push. Hume said the new info makes it clear that “Schiff was a partner in this from the start.” CNBC’s John Harwood then came to the defense of Schiff without having enough journalistic curiosity to wonder what extent Schiff was actually involved.

After the blowback from Harwood and many others, Hume fired back with a simple question and possible answer:

And why might that be?

If a sizable segment of the mainstream media is as curious as a Daily Beast reporter demonstrated, the media won’t ask Schiff that question for fear of being labeled “hacks” (by the DNC, apparently).



FLASHBACK: Did Adam Schiff forget about the time he said ‘we have not spoken directly with the whistleblower’?

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