As you now know, the latest example of massive journalistic malpractice came to us courtesy of the New York Times and the hit piece on Brett Kavanaugh written by Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly that fell apart after the paper was forced to add an editor’s note that basically torched the intent of the article. Meanwhile, Pogrebin’s still spinning, and has found a new reason to play the victim:

Pogrebin’s attempt to scapegoat Fox News is based on an article from the super-objective Vox:

“Fox News pounces”! Unreal.

Pogrebin’s no stranger to blaming others for her own backfires.

We may have just witnessed a new record for journalistic shamelessness.

Why, yes she is!




Robin Pogrebin’s attempt to spin the damage she and Kate Kelly have done to Brett Kavanaugh may help land them in legal hot water