Robin Pogrebin has been doing a bang-up job of selling the American public on her and Kate Kelly’s hit job on Brett Kavanaugh. As Twitchy told you, on “The View” today, Pogrebin tried to rewrite history, claiming that she and Kelly were shocked to learn that the New York Times story had left important details out and that they moved to correct the record as soon as they were made aware (they did no such thing). She also expressed dismay at people like Donald Trump accusing them of having an agenda (they did, in fact, have an agenda). Pogrebin also admitted to being behind the now-deleted New York Times tweet about Brett Kavanaugh.

Well, would you believe there’s still more to this train wreck?

So … what was the point of this exercise?

Holy hell.

Unreal. Just when you thought they couldn’t make themselves look any worse.

They should have to pay a steep price for what they’ve done.

But they’re not even good at damage control. Continuing to push evidence-free allegations against Brett Kavanaugh strongly indicates that Pogrebin and Kelly (and the New York Times, by extension) are in way over their heads and don’t know what else to do but dig deeper in the hopes of making their colossal blunder and egregious journalistic malpractice disappear.

It doesn’t look good for Pogrebin and Kelly right now. At all.