Before we get the ball rolling, it should be noted that the reporter who is the subject of this post, Brian Karem — Playboy’s White House journalist — seems to have already started muscling in on territory currently owned by a notorious CNN journo (but Karem’s tributes will continue later):

But first, as Twitchy told you a few days ago, Playboy Magazine promised that the White House’s temporary suspension of Karem would be met with a challenge in court, and Tuesday that process began. CNN’s Jim Acosta will appreciate the “Enemy of the People” shoutout from Karem:

The lawsuit was good enough for a retweet from Acosta:


But anyway, more about that lawsuit:

In case you missed it, Karem did his best to spin himself as the victim after the July incident in the White House Rose Garden. The Trump White House responded:

Time will tell where this all goes:

That seems pretty clear at this point.



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