It’s official!

After his failed appeal, the White House suspended Playboy journo and CNN analyst Brian Karem’s hard pass for 30 days over his confrontation with Sebastian Gorka in the Rose Garden earlier this summer:

Next step? Federal court:

Ted Boutrous, Karem’s lawyer, accused the White House of violating his client’s First and Fifth Amendment’s rights:

Of note, Boutros was Jim Acosta’s lawyer when the White House was unsuccessful at revoking his hard pass:

To wit: Last November, the White House revoked the hard-pass credentials of CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta, for whimsical reasons that withered in a federal court hearing. A federal judge soon ruled that CNN would likely prevail in its arguments that the stripping of the hard pass violated his due-process rights. Access restored!

The rebuke from U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly came quickly and unequivocally. Footage of Acosta entering the White House grounds with his hard pass circulated everywhere. It was a big embarrassment for President Trump and his colleagues.

But with Karem, we have video evidence that he behaved badly. Will the court rule the same way? More from Boutros here:

See you in court.