As we told you yesterday morning, a photographer tweeted out four photos of then-House candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez visiting a tent city near El Paso, Texas and expressing shock and horror by what she was seeing (the photos only featured AOC and didn’t show what she was looking at). The photographer said the photos were taken one year ago from this past Monday, and Ocasio-Cortez remembered it well:

With that in mind, a subsequent tweet from AOC was spotted:

The photos showing Ocasio-Cortez horrified by what she was seeing at the border were reportedly taken in June of last year, and this tweet is from January of this year:

Update: Here’s another from AOC back in February of this year:

Try not to get whiplash from the sudden change in direction, which seems to depend on whatever way the political wind is blowing:

There’s a lot of that going on lately.



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