What is motivating Republicans to cage children? Xenophobia? Hate? What was the Obama administration’s motivation to cage children? Photos from his administration are what kicked off the current outrage that’s done nothing but build since.

We don’t know, because this is all that POLITICO’s John Bresnahan reported:

A border spending bill that Ocasio-Cortez will no doubt vote against if even a dime goes to ICE to assist in deporting criminals.

So … if we stop funding the detention of unaccompanied children, they just go free?

Exactly, which is way aid will never get to the border. It’s her own hatred of the laws Congress passed being enforced that is drawing out this crisis.

Nobody will mention it. If Twitter didn’t exist, we’d never have heard about it; the mainstream media would have filtered it out for her own good.

Tell us where he’s wrong. They want to abolish ICE, Beto O’Rourke says he’ll tear down the existing border fence if elected … if the Democrats want to run on open borders — when illegal immigration was the flagship issue that swept Donald Trump into office — fine.

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Reportedly, the closed-door meeting is reaching some high decibel levels.


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